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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of toothbrush should I use?
The brand of the toothbrush is not as critical as the type of bristle and the size of the head. A soft toothbrush with a small head is recommended because medium and hard brushes tend to cause irritation and contribute to recession of the gums, and a small head allows you to get around each tooth more completely and is less likely to injure your gums. It's unnecessary to "scrub" the teeth as long as you are brushing at least twice a day and visiting your dentist at least twice a year for cleanings. back to top »


Is one toothbpaste better than others?
Generally, no. However, it's advisable to use a fluoride containing toothpaste to decrease the incidence of dental decay. We recommend our patients use what tastes good to them as long as it contains fluoride. back to top »


How often should I floss?
Flossing of the teeth once per day helps to prevent cavities from forming between the teeth where your toothbrush can't reach. Flossing also helps to keep your gums healthy. back to top »


Why would a baby tooth need a crown?
Baby teeth that have decay need to be repaired to prevent the decay from spreading and causing more serious infection and pain.  Smaller cavities may be filled but a deep or larger cavity may need a crown to cover the whole tooth.  The reason is once this large decay is removed it does not leave enough tooth to support a filling.  Although sometimes an extraction is the better option, baby teeth should not be instantly removed when decayed or infected. If baby teeth are lost too early, the adjoining teeth can drift into the spaces that are needed for the permanent teeth.The missing tooth can cause shifting of the bite and need for expensive orthodontics in the child's teenage years. back to top »


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